Did you ever wake up and felt that you will have a good day ? Well, that happened to me today! I woke up happy and excited about today and it`s just another Saturday. I already did a small marathon (10km) in Ljubljana and it was women only, which I think it`s not the best thing - it becomes way to competitive, but anyway it was cool. :) Than I came back home, had lunch and now I took some time for blogging (the everyday ritual) and than I need to do some cleaning (it`s a must and I can`t avoid it) and in the evening my ex flatmate is celebrating her b-day and than another friend is having a b-day party as well, so it should be one hell of a night. We`ll see how that ends up. :)
Anyway I didn`t want to share all the details (even though I told you everything) the point of this post is a 30 day challenge!  
Last week we went to TEDxFDV event where they showed us this short movie about a guy who decided to have a 30 day challenges and that inspired me so much, that of course I`m doing now the same thing!
For my first challege I decided that I need to hug a different person everyday for 30 days. 
Which sometimes is not really easy when you go for example just to work and home. That means you need to go and drive somewhere to surprise someone and give him a hug. Hehe, it`s really cool, you should try it out! Oh and my boyfriend has his 30 days without TV and we are both doing just fine (it`s 10 days 
now). I`ll keep you posted with next challenges as well, I think you can become addicted from it. :) 
Check out the video, it`s only 3 minutes and there`s a big chance you might like it as well! 

xoxo, Maja 

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