I`m waiting for the weekend to begin, so I`m really happy cuz tomorrow is Friday.
Is there any special reason that I`m waiting for the weekend? No, not really. It`s just because I`ll have a lot of time for myself and my projects! On Saturday there is already another art fair in Celje, which is really amazing and I`m looking forward to go there and see all the ladies with their beautiful crafties (I`m not sure that`s even a word, but I kind of like it). :) 
Ahh btw today I`m a good girl, so after I came from work I started cleaning the house. First I made a playlist, than I turned speakers really loud and than it was time to start the show cleaning...It`s already past lunch time, so the next thing on my list is cooking. I`ll make some cauliflower soup and maybe tortillas...we`ll see. :) 
I posted a set of photos from this week & the special one is the second one with my friend Jana. It was a goodbye cuz the next morning she went on a trip to Mexico + she really wanted to be on the blog. :) 
Jana, I hope you are having a blast wherever you are !! 

xoxo, Maja   

Chilli - Iva`s hyperactive dog :)


  1. ma kakek luštne fotke! kuža <3 in šuzi <3 krasni! sobotaaaaa! <3 :)

    1. thx* vidmo v soboto seveda, ti jutr sporocim se za podrobnosti ;) x

  2. Replies
    1. Hvala! ;)
      p.s. sandali so pa bili ljubezen na prvi pogled :D

      Lp, Maja


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