Finally my holidays are closer and closer. August is a good month for me, cuz I`ll be celebrating B-day soon + it`s time for holidays. Wuop wuop! :)
The other day I was going through travel guides, reading and making notes which is always fun to do. It was a sunny day on my balcony with a cup of coffee, some good music and thoughts about careless days. :)
My first stop is Lyon, cuz I have a reunion there with my friends that I`ve met during my erasmus in Lisbon. After that I`ll be going to Belgium, cuz Jaka is there doing his internship and one weekend while staying there, we will also go to explore Stockholm. So yes, I`m pretty excited about my "eurotrip" ! :) I need this holidays so badly, just to escape from everyday routine and feel the backpackers life again, cuz that`s truly a good feeling of freedom. At least for me it is.

xoxo, Maja  

+ it`s always good to listen to some of Jose Gonzalez songs. :) 


  1. uuu ker super izlet je pred tabo! uživaj!! =)

  2. mmmm ta pesem je tok dobra, tud na moji favorite listi :) anyways, uživaj - men je potovanja zmer v užitek načrtovat... vse tisto vznemirjenje pa pričakovanje nardi svoje :) xx

    1. joj ja men je Jose Gonzalez res zakon, sploh ta komad + teardrops <3 drugace pa tenkju, sm itak polna pricakovanj, sploh ker bom vidla frende po ful dolgem casu, tko da bodo se ekstra kul pocitnice :) x

  3. O, lovely!!! Zdaj pa si res že blizu čarobnim dnem...

  4. Super si si tole splanirala! A ti si tudi levinja, joj kolk vas je al sem pa samo jaz obkrožena z celim šopkom :).
    Vsekakor ti želim nepozabno potovanje po Evropskih prestolnicah.


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