To tell you the truth, not all the photos are from the last week, which means I`m cheating a bit. Please, 
don`t be too hursh on me, I need to make smth with those photos from the archive as well. :) 
The only really "old" one is the second one with garland "bon voyage" which I made for my bf when he left for Belgium (three months ago) and tmrw it`s a happy day cuz he is coming back, so I need to make a new one which will say "welcome home"! :) I never did a DIY post about it, who knows why. And the rest of the photos I`ll explain like this: 
  1. The view from our terrace at home. Beautiful + so green. Right? 
  2. Than it`s the garland. 
  3. The lazy orange cat that belongs to my friend.
  4. "Oh happy b-day" canvas, which was a gift for my friend. She loved it and that made me happy.
  5. Fifty shades of grey is what was going on with me the last week. I still have to finish the last book, which I think it will happen tonight. :) 
  6. My running path + I was on a Marathon last Sunday - enjoyed it a lot!
So that`s it. I`m getting old, no parties and alcohol. Just nature and books. :) haha, well.... 

xo, Maja


  1. Zelo lepe slike. Maja, kaj ti si iz Maribora? (:

    1. Hehe res sem iz štajerskega konca, vendar ne iz MB, ampak iz Celja. ;)
      Lp, M.

    2. ooo fajn (: Sem kar nekaj kilometrov "zašla"..

  2. Sami lepi trenutki!!! Vedno jih tako dobro "ukomponiraš"!!!

  3. hahaha, Maja-zadnji stavek :) men se zdi, da če maš takle teden prav ne rabiš alkohola :))) zabava je pa tut relativna stvar ;)

  4. nature...looks like very comfy place.


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