First two photos are from the previous weekend when we had 20+ degrees (very "sumerish" autumn) & I was with my cousin from Belgrade (she was visiting me) spending some time at the lake. 
Than the last photo is from yesterday and as you can see, it was snowing ( yeez Im not sure if I was happy or not). 
Anyway, I ran my second half marathon in Ljubljana and even though the circumstances were not the best, I really enjoyed it. The start was kind of a romantic with all the snow, the crowd and the music. :) 
Today It`s all about relaxing, which means not much of a computer for me and that`s why this post is short with photos from the archive. I`ll do more updates during the week, cuz I have holidays from Wednesday on, which means more time. Oh and I`m planning a giveaway, I just need one more thing and than I`ll announce it, probably when my FB page  reaches 200 likes, so please share it! ;) 
Have a great week and enjoy ur days! 

xo, Maja 


  1. Ekola, delila stran na facebooku (https://www.facebook.com/LifeStyleFunBlog)

    Super, da si laufala kljub brrrrrrr vremenu, pogumno!

    1. Joj super si, hvala ! :*

      Ej, vreme pa niti ni blo tok grozno, razn ce si pri miru stal, tko da jzt pravim, da pravi pogumnezi so ljudje, ki so stali ob strani in navijali za nas :) xx

  2. čestitke za pretečeni maraton! super si :) xx


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