I`m too lazy to write a lot, so I`ll just give you a short explanation. This post is a bit different from what I usually do, cuz it`s quite personal (with all the photos from my friends and Jaka), but sometimes we need to "break" the rules. On Friday we had a small gathering/party to celebrate our new place and this photos are just a small part of it. 
I really enjoyed the night, so thank you my friends! ;) 

p.s. I`m so tired and so uninspired right now, that I was thinking about the name for this post for more than 5min, which has never happened before. I ended up with "Breaking the rules".
Why? Who knows. 

xo, M. & J.

The table
:: Snacks ::
:: Urška :: 
:: Vesna ::
:: Jaka - the sauce master  - annoyed while being photographed :: 

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