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For a very long time I haven`t posted any movie suggestion, but I`ll do it now. Today I was left alone at home so I had to figure out what to do. So, I cooked (chilli con carne), opened a wine bottle and picked a movie to watch. As obvious I decided to go with "The Vow" & it made me cry (as always), especially cuz it was inspired by a real story.
It`s a drama and maybe it`s more for girls than boys, but I think it can be pretty deep if you imagine someone really went through something like this. 

IMDB (6,7/10)


  1. Super film, sem ga gledala dolgo nazaj. Ampak sem res pozabila kakšen je konec? Mi lahko pomagaš, sta potem skupaj ali ne? (:

  2. js se pa kr ne morem prpravt da bi tole gledala, preveč žalostno :/

  3. Carsko, filmskih predlogov se pa vedno razveselim. :) Sm gledala The Vow pred kratkim in je res dobr. :)


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