Hi lovelies! I`m sick - again. Well, I can`t really bitch complain about it, cuz I`d say it`s totally my fault. I was on antibiotics and after a week I was out running in snow. What a surprise a? 
What can I say, I`m a Lion by horoscope, so whatever I decide I `ll do it, no matter what. (Yes, I`m the stubborn one). :) 
So, not much going on these days (except a lot of tea/relaxing action)....booorring. 
Anyway, this photos are all from the last week, except the last one is from Monday, when the rivers in Slovenia were flooding big time and since we live next to a river, we were worried as well. The photo was taken when I went to check how high the stream was (it was pretty high!) and I`m telling you, that I never saw so many people walking there, not even on a sunny day! (ok, on the photo is not that crowded, but believe me, it was.) :D 
Hm, I should explain the other photos as well. On the first one there is my ex flatmate cutting a cake, cuz she graduated from the Faculty of Law & of course we had to celebrate it! Vesna, good job! ;) (btw the cake was really good, but not that photogenic). The second photo is quite obvious (after the cake we went to a party), the third one is from the walk the other day, fourth is telling it`s story and the last one was already explained. 
How about you, did you had a busy week(end) ? 

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xo, Maja <3


  1. mmm, en košček torte bi :P &upam, da se voda že umirja :)

  2. Super fotke!
    Hitro se pozdravi... tudi jaz sem spet doma, na antibiotikih.
    LP, *A*

  3. Okus,kaj izgled:)
    Voda je upadla...Ti pa... izkoristi še za kakšno branje in... boš zdrava:)

  4. congrats to Vesna, she's a hero in my book - faculty of law for pete's sake!!:D and the one who made the cake should also be categorized as a hero, it looks sooo delicious!

  5. oo...a je to pijana nevesta. moja mami jo je velikokrat naredila, ko sem bila se mala:)


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