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I already talked with you guys about our Novi Sad roadtrip in this post, where I mentioned that we found this amazing cafe, that I wanted to make a special post about it. 
Cafe/Bike shop - simple, yet astonishing. What`s there not to love? :)
So, I googled a bit more about it and found out they`re even cooler than I thought. According to the their website the team has 7 members. "It`s a group of talented, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic young people and families brought together through their faith & in the hope of creating a better world."
While taking a coffee break there, we were lucky enough to meet Ana. I asked her about spending the New Year`s Ewe in the Cafe and she gave me her number. We called about 18pm on the 31st and we got a green light (even though we were sure it`s way to late), so we went there and had a blast with karaoke, cool people and great atmosphere. Thank you Ana for being so kind and letting us in! ;) 
Anyway, what exactly is Culture Exchange (http://cultureexchangeserbia.org/#home)? 
"Culture Exchange Serbia is a volunteer and non-profit association dedicated to inspiring others to step out and change their life, their communities, and their world for the better. We actively engage in grassroots projects to raise awareness for the benefits of multiculturalism, tolerance and understanding between all nations. Young people from Vojvodina and all over Europe have participated in our cultural and humanitarian initiatives."
Check their website and read all about it.  If you feel like supporting their work click here, I`m sure they`ll be more than happy/greatful and you will feel better as well. :) 
p.s. : The bikes <3 
p.s. II : Only last three photos are mine and the rest is from their facebook page.

*the only photo I managed to take for the New Year`s Ewe & even this one is blury. :) 


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  2. zadnjič je bla na tvslo oddaja o njih. res super ideja!

    1. A res? Joj, skoda da je nisem vidla, bi jo z veseljem pogledala. :)
      lp, m.

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