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I was in Serbia for the New Year and it was great! Novi Sad is such a great city, it`s not too big and yet enough vibrant. If you ever have a chance, go and feel/live it! ;) I already did some travel posts, but I always just showed you photos, not saying much about them. This time I decided to do a bit of guide like post & I hope you`ll like it. Oh, and I won`t do the basics...the language, the money, the safety....for that, read a book or smth before leaving home (but don`t believe everything you read). ;)

*Delicious food
*Cheap drinks
*Crazy parties
*Pretty (hot) girls (boys are not bad either) :)
*Kind people - super kind !
*Wonderful city!
*You don`t need a bus, you can walk everywhere!

*it`s a long post, don`t get bored*
*Three of the photos are from my friend Robi and the rest is mine*
Enjoy x

Welcome to Novi Sad !

Walk through the streets, cuz that way you can discover the best of the city.

 Visit the market and buy some of the local stuff, I suggest "pogačice" (200g = 100din), cheese & kajmak!
+ if you take your time, you can also find some cool clothes (negotiation is common).

See what the locals have to offer you .. 

Take a moment and admire the street art / or take a photo of it and admire it later. :)

Go for a cafe at Atina (Trg Slobode, Novi Sad) - beautiful cafe in the center! ;) 

 Buy some really popular shoes (for a good price), cuz there is a shoe store on every corner.

Enjoy in the street music, usually performed by "trubači" (dont really know how to say it diferently) & don`t forget to show them your support.

+ there is many street dogs, that are more than happy to follow you around all day. So, if they decide to be your friends, be so kind and give them some of your love. ;) 

Eat a hamburger with "lepinja" (bread) + "pleskavica" or "čevapčiči". You can choose your own toppings + vegetables which is pretty cool ( the burgers are heavenly good) + good prices (from 150din to 300din).
Don`t event think about going to McDonald`s or something...you have to be really stupid to do that! 
Also try to find "Sarma", it`s perfect for when you have enough of meat, even though there`s a meat inside. :) 

 ...and for the veggies "Pita sa sirom" / burek .( cheese pie ) / Price: 100din - 150din /

Don`t forget to do some sightseeing! 

& when the night starts, go to the party street "Ulica Laze Telečkog" and for sure you will find something for your taste & take your camera with you, cuz there is a big chance you won`t remember much the next day. Oh, and don`t be surprised if you will finish your night in some living room of a friend you just met! ;)
We tried out a couple of pubs, first night we started/finished at Ze Bar, small but it was a crazy atmosphere (some funny things happened there), Two dogs was great (but that`s on a main street) - Serbian rock/rock`n`roll all night long, Only fools and Horses (the most expensive beer we could find + we were alone in there, so I`d say = not cool.) + there was a super cool pub (but i dont remember the name) in three floors with live music (maybe "Shamrock bar" or "Lazino Tele" or neither...sorry for this one). 
Anyway, take a stroll down the street and follow the music you like and you`ll find your place to be. ;) 

Rakija = Serbian drink that makes you party hard :) (price: 80din to 150din) 
Beer = price: 150din - 300din

+ I loved the cafe (Culture Exchange) on this photo, but I`ll introduce it to you in a new post, cuz there is a lot to say and show! ;) *we spend the New Year`s Ewe here

Don`t know much about it, but we stayed in the "City Hostel" which was great! The staff is super friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed & good + the prices are really affordable. 

I hope I helped you with some tips or maybe convinced you to visit Novi Sad, because it really is a great city! ;) 
Here you can find even more informations : All the informations you need

xo, Maja <3


  1. Hvala, da si nas popeljala na tale izlet. Fotke so lepe in zgovorne :)

  2. Zakon objava! Prepričala si me, da Novi Sad dodam na seznam krajev, ki jih moram nujno obiskati. :) Fotke so pa res čudovite!

    1. Eva, ne bo ti žal! ;) Novi Sad je res eno super mesto, ki je definitivno vredno obiska! ;)

      Lp, M.

  3. ful dobr post! če se kdaj odločim za obisk, bom zihr sledila tvojim navodilom :) xx

    1. Maruša, to pomeni, da se boš sigurno imela lepo. :D
      To sklepam predvsem po tem, ker vem kok luštno smo se mi imeli. :)

      lp, m.

  4. Doživetje in pol,kaj?! Drugačen svet,kjer zagootovo še čas teče drugače:)

    1. Ja, lepo doživetje, ni kaj. :)
      Ljudje so bolj sproščeni in zato je tudi boljše vzdušje. Nisem pričakovala, da bom tako navdušena, ker Beograd me recimo ni toliko prepričal. Je ful večje mesto in potem se tisti občutek domačnosti izgubi, meni pa to veliko pomeni.

      Lp, M.

  5. Novi Sad je res zakon. Tele slike me prav popeljejo nazaj tja <3

  6. Wow, what beautiful photos! I have just arrived in Novi Sad and I'm looking forward to exploring it more. I will definitely have to check out your cafe recommendations!


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