Valentine`s Day is right around the corner and I still haven`t post anything about it. I saw so many cool DIY ideas + I have some of my own, but the time is not on my side. So, here are some of the ideas I really love that I found on pinterest/tumblr. I`m not really a big fan of Valentine`s (I think I wrote something similar last year as well), but it`s a holiday that gives you a chance to be super creative with red/pink, hearts and chocolate......I`m a girl, so how could I resist to that? :) 
xo, M.

1. Neon Valentines ; 2. Tumblr - heart shaped t-shirt ; 3. Chocolate Strawberries (tumblr) 4. Tags Idea (tumblr)
1. Chocolate sugar cookies ; 2. Valentines photo botanical art ; 3. DIY Fabric Valentine ; 4. Love Letters
1. Xo Gift Wrap idea ; 2. Tumblr - heart print idea
1. DIY - Date Idea Arrows ; 2. Diy - idea 
+ The beat of the week :) 
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