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I`m still alive, just busy & trying not to be inside, while there is sun shining outside. ;)  As you can see from my "Instadaily collage", I`m spending a lot of time in the nature (hiking, running, walking). I enjoy in Ice-cream & cakes. I attended the second day of Fashion Week Ljubljana (my camera "got sick", I still dont really know what happened there, but the photos are just not good). I had some fun in the forrest while picking bear`s garlic and than making everything possible out of it (ill share some recipes) & so on. 
On Sunday, me & my friend Ajda did a lil project, that I really enjoyed in (a lot!). I`ll show it to you in one of the next posts...Btw, I`m sorry for another mixtagram posts, but it`s the best I can do right now. ;)

What about you? What are you up to, now that Spring has finally arrived? ;)
xo, M.


  1. Uuuuuu, marmorna torta. Tvoja?

  2. Res lepe fotkice, prav čuti se pridih pomladi :)

  3. Oooo, opremljena za laufat....Mene še vedno koleno heca, sem kar malo žalostna. Krasni utrinki :)!

  4. Ahh pomlad...moj najljubši čas, ko so šparglji in mlada čebula in posedaš po travi in slačiš plasti oblačil, ker sonček lepo greje! tudi mi se neskončno sprehajamo in brezskrbno kofetkamo in nasploh smo polni energije in se dogaja na polno :)


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