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Lately, I`ve been struggling with what to eat for my brunch/lunch at work, so I`ve been searching for some good, healthy recipes and I found this one on the DB`s blog and I had to try it out. Thank you DB, for the idea and the recipe! ;) 

So, basically I used the original recipe (the ingredients on the photo) + I added some things to make it more personal (avocado, carrots & sesame). I wrote down the english recipe and for the slovenian one, follow this link. 
(Since my battery was empty, I took photos with phone, so the quality is not perfect, but it`s still good.)

Quinoa cakes to go. :) 


You`ll need: 
- 100 g quinoa
- 50 g mozzarrella (grated)
- 125g baby spinach
- 1 small zucchini
- 2 eggs
- 2 cloves of garlic
- salt, pepper, nutmeg

+ I added half of avocado & grated carrot (1) + some sesame on the top of the cakes. 

The whole preparing procedure is really easy. ;) Cook quinoa and than leave it a bit, so it`s not that hot anymore. Meanwhile, cut everything in pieces or grate what`s need to be grated, mix it in a big bowl, add quinoa and than put the mixture into the model for muffins.
Bake it for 20 min at 180 degrees. Take it out and enjoy them hot or cold. ;) 
xo, M.


  1. Še lepša predstavitev od moje. Super.

  2. Kok carski črno-bel grafični krožnik, res dobr :) Pa zgleda yummyy. :):)

    1. hihi, ane? ;) men je tud čist carski, sva ga dobla za darilo in sem bila cist presrecna :)
      yummy, yummy....pa še zdravo po vrhu! ;)

  3. oh njam, me hungry :P pa super lepi prtički ;)

    1. marusa, hvala ! ;) prtički so pa iz vile maline, bloomigville. Imajo tud v Sisi ;) xo, m.

  4. Mmm, kar zakrulilo mi je. Morem poizkusit. Pa še zelo lep krožniček in servieta. (:


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