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So, I guess there is no sense that I get into that speech again, about how sorry I am since I haven`t posted for a while now...so I`ll just say, I really love to enjoy summer (if you know what I mean). :)
A while ago (11.6.`13) I was at the Simona Lampe Eco fashion show, which was really good. For the third time already Simona Lampe convinced business women and companies, that eco view of the fashion is important & introduced a fashion show called "Recycled III.".

The collection called "Šah-mat" ("Checkmate") was made out of more than 100 used clothes, that were presented in the fashion show within thirty exits. Checkmate is an association of our meaningless competition with the nature; but it`s not black - white, there is no winner or loser, balance should be the winner.

Re-use concept was partly observed already within the organization of the event and styling: for the location they used enormous parking lot of used cars of Mercedes-Benz, for the outstanding lightning of the tent they used already existing industrial lights from the Hella Saturnus, the creative recycled shoes were made by Teja Gole  & the purses were made out of the publications of slovenian classics.

The highlight of the whole event was a real fashion photoshoot, where the models were women, that donated the clothes (there was even one very special women for us between them and I have to say - she was great!). So, check out the photos & the video that I found (it`s pretty cool).

xo, Maja <3

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