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Summer is fun, relaxed, hot, happy .. or at least it should be, when you finally have holidays & escape somewhere where you can forget on your job and all the problems back home.
I took advantage of the weekends, cuz our holidays this year were not really like we planned, because sometimes things happen, things that you are not able to control, things that make your world upside down and that make you sad, but life goes on and you can only say goodbye and be happy for all the moments that you had before the happening. I guess you figured out what I`m talking about and I`ll stay with that thought.
This last month was pretty emotional for me & full of surprises (not good ones), but sometimes we need smth to wake us up, so we start thinking about things, that we push so deep down inside of us, because they`re painful or not really pleasant, so it`s only natural to avoid them untill it` really neccessary. 
Ah, yes, c`est la vie right? 
Anyhow, since I haven`t posted anything for almost a month now, I decided to do a collage of my Summer days (gotta <3 Instagram). ;)
How`s your Summer? 

xo, M.




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  1. I can relate to that! This year life kind of snuck behind me and hit me on the head with a reality check... Although it's hard to face your problems (and sadness and loss) it's the right thing to do... That is what makes us grow and become the people we are.

    And lovely photos - as usual! ;)

  2. Beautiful collage :) summer all the way :)


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