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So, on Saturday it was a very special day. Guess why?  Yup, it was my birth daaaaaay! hihi, it was hard to beat last year celebration (if you dont remember, check it out here), but yet again it was unforgettable thx to Jaka & my friends. First in the morning I woke up and there it was, waiting for me.... the best breakfast possible, since I said one day before, that I`m craving for some orange juice and croissants (someone was listening to me very carefully, respect to that) :) Oh, and come on....the print is just adorable -  he loves me strawberry much!
Then, it was on me to decide what I want to do that day, so of  course I wanted to go hiking. :) It was a hot day, so some fresh air was really what I needed. We went to Rogla, had lunch and walked a bit + enjoyed the nature. Around 6pm it was time to go home and walking into our apartment it was definitely the highlight of the day, cuz they threw me a super duper surprise party!!! Woaaaa, I always wanted that! :) haha, you should see me, first I was scared cuz I thought someone broke into our flat (I`ve heard noises), but than quickly I realized that`s not the case, so I started to cry out of joy.... haha, it was amazing! Once again, thank you everyone for coming and being a part of another special day in my life that for sure I`ll always remember! <3 
Love you all! Ta taaaa xx 

The breakfast. 

Maja and the nature. :) 
That cow was blocking the road! 
Thank you once again for all the colorful pretty gifts I got <3 


  1. To vse skupaj pa res izgleda super in še zelo kul darila.. :D

  2. Aaah, kok super lušno! Pa še enkrat vse najboljše, tokrat za nazaj :)!


  3. Ah, kol'k imenitno!!!!
    Be happy!

  4. Oooo!!! Vse najboljše za nazaj in slučajno vidim 'mojo' broškico 'fino fino'! Tole je pa res lepo, upam da ti je všeč in da jo fino nosiš! jupi!!!


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