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I guess I`ve mentioned before that I love to run, but I feel like I need to share this with you guys, since I write a blog that contains all the things that I love or love to do & running is definitely one of my favourite daily/weekly routine. Of course, there is another love (we`re talking sports love here) that I have, and that`s aerobics. I never told you about a lil project I was participating in last year and damn, that was fun...I`ll tell you about it next time. 
This upper collage is made out of the photos from some of the marathons I`ve been. I actually never ran a whole 42km, I just did half marathon twice. I was aiming for 42km this year, but it won`t go through, since I don`t feel prepared + lately I have some troubles with my left knee :( 
But hey, let`s stay positive...everything is going to be allright! ;) 

Another thing...a lot of people are asking me, why do I love to run? 
I guess because in life you have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles and you might feel that you can`t do that, but then you find your inner strength and realize that you`re capable of much more than you thought and that feeling, my friends...is amazing!  
When you run the distance, you are using 10% of your body strength and 90% of mental strength. For sure you need to exercise them both. Some might not agree with this, but I`m saying that everything is in your head. 
Also it`s a passion - defined as a "strong barely controllable emotion". It gives me freedom, power, sense, hope, control and fitness. It takes me away from the problems and it gives me time to think in the nature.
So, tell me...how could I not love to run?

Some motivational links if you might need them: 
2. She runs - loving this one, cuz running at night it is special :)
3. I would run to you - this is just too cute
4. For the love of the run - it makes you wanna leave your couch
5. Mind games - oh, yes we all know that!
6. just go to youtube! :) 

Do you run? Or have any other sport that you love? Tell me about it. ;) 
xo, m.


  1. Super motivacijski videi, čeprav sem še vedno v postelji :D Drugač pa obožujem tek. Samo me še ne privlačijo tekmovanja. Tebi pa čestitam za vse prejete rezultate (:

  2. Thumbs up for U. Jaz sem sedaj samo "upokojen" košarkaš.


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