I`m sure that from time to time, you go and check what`s going on on Kickstarter, right? :) Well, if you don`t, that`s ok, but you can find some really awesome creative projects up there!
I decided to share two of them with you guys, cuz they come from Slovenia and I really love the idea of both of them + come on, we`re so small & yet we have so many talented people! It`s only normal to give them some support, even though it`s just a post on the blog, or sharing the news about it... I`m sure that means a lot. So, if you have a talented friend with a good idea or you are super psyched (this came to my mind from an episode of a south park - not really relevant, but still...) about a project someone did, spread the word, be supportive, show some love! I`m sure they`ll appreciate it. ;)

1.FlyKly Smart Wheel

I love this project, since my ride = my bike and this is an amazing idea with great solutions (check the video, to see what I`m talking about)!  ;)
Good job folx, let`s make cities people friendly! ;)

FlyKly Smart Wheel from FlyKly on Vimeo.

2. Chipolo - Bluetooth item finder for Android and Iphone

Ok, this really made me happy, since I`m "losing" my stuff all the time. All of my friends are laughing at me, cuz I`m constantly having panic attacks, because I don`t find my things, even though they are always where they should be - in my bag (btw I`m a sucker for large bags, which doesn`t really help me). :)
Anyhow, they got my attention and I`m definitely a happy (future to be) customer! ;)

Chipolo - Bluetooth Item Finder for iPhone and Android from Chipolo Team on Vimeo.


  1. Navdušena nad Chipolom :)!
    Kok superduper idej, we do rock :).


  2. Noro, kaj ne pogruntajo... Jaz bi tudi en Chipolo:)

    Sončkast vikend!!!!!


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