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Guys, now it`s your turn because finally I have more of a badass thing to post, thanks to our next contributor. He is a good friend of mine and comes from Poland. He surprised me with his creativity and wish to start a completly different thing. So, here it it, Przemek and his....


(if you meet a lady who likes it - think twice… she might have bigger balls than you do)

Every Badass knows how to take care of himself. Food is the third most important thing Badass does in his life, after having sex and making money. Real Baddas eats MEAT! A lot of meat and he keeps it spicy and bloody. Every three weeks I`ll give you a piece of advice on how to be a Badass cook! Stay calm and keep cooking!

Heart Breaker! 

Easy as hell, spicy as hell and just perfect for your cold beer served in a frozen glass. 

You will need:
1. 400g of chicken hearts (the more the better!)
2. 1 clove of garlic (use the Polish one, if you need to use Chinese, than take two)
3. Spices: fresh pepper, sea salt, chilli pepper...and some balls! 

How to do it? 
1. Clean the chicken hearts: cut off fat, endings of veins and open the heart to take out blood. You are a badass, but you don`t want to eat chicken blood boiled in a heart chamber. 
2. Marinate the hearts in olive oil with garlic, fresh pepper, sea salt and chilli pepper.
The stronger the better!
3. Leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes.
4. Fry them on the pan until they are crispy..... 

Enjoy it with that cold beer I was talking about in the beginning. ;) 

Coming soon..... 

(Romantic Badass)

Turko (that`s how he wants to be called), loves eating blue beef steaks, altough he lives with a wonderful women who has more of a sophisticated taste. They both love red wine and cheese. Thanks to the mix of his wilderness and her sensibility, their food is exceptional! 
Please meet, the first Badass Chef in Republic of Poland - "Smacznego"! 

A true survivor!

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  1. Oh, si me nasmejala...Sem se spomnila besed našega nemškega kolega Clausa 'real food for real man'...
    Kako smo si različni:)
    Je pa zanimivo in se že veselim naslednjega recepta!


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