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If you are reading me for a while now, then I guess you already know that I have a thing for beautiful chairs.
One of the chairs that got my attention is a "Lounge chair YO".
The design YO by Rok Avsec, Primož Stupica and Tina Semolič has been announced as a winner of the notable Silver A`Design Award at Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Competition - check it out here. If you never heard about the A`design award, but you`d like to know more about it, click here.
It has also been exhibited in the Month of Design 2012 from October till November 2012 in Ljubljana and was nominated for the award of the Design of the year 2012 + presented in Top Ideas, selection of top creative interior design ideas at the Ambient Ljubljana Furniture Fair.

"Lounge chair YO follows the ergonomic principles of comfortable seating and pure geometric lines that abstractly form the letters "YO".  It creates a contrast between a massive, "male" wooden contstuction and a light, transparent "female" composite cloth of the seat and back, made of 100% recycled material. The tension of the cloth is achieved by the interweaving of fibres (the so-called "corset"). The lounge chair is complemented by a stool that becomes a side table when rotated 90. A range of colour choices allowes them both to easily fit into interiors of various styles."

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