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I don`t know about you, but for me, it`s too freakin`cold outside! Come on sunshine, where are you hiding?!
Last week I got that food poisoning thing and now I`m having a batle with a serious cold + cough and all I really want to do is to go hiking or running, but I can`t even climb the stairs properly. That just makes me a bit sad ...

Ok, enough with the yawning and let`s start with the real business. :) Today I`ll introduce you the first part of our trip in Mexico and that`s the impressive/massive Mexico City (btw I`m eating tortillas while writing this and it`s way too late for that, but who cares, right?). Ahh, I always enjoyed working late at night, it`s the time that my creativity reaches the peak. It`s a good thing that tomorrow is Sunday, which means I can sleep as long as I want, especially cuz I`m alone tonight.Ok, let`s stick to the topic...

Mexico City with it`s 21 million people was quite a lot to take in for our first destination, especially since we`re from a country with only 2 million people. Gosh, I`ve been in many countries, but never saw so many people at once in one place - talking about the Metro. That`s crazy! Haha, I guess all Slovenia driving underground at once. :) It`s a great way to get around though. Cheap and fast + quite easy to figure it out. We`ve seen some of the city, but we only had 3 days and one of the day was for visiting the ruins of Teotihuacan. So, basically it was impossible to really get to know and truly feel the city. We visited Museo Frida Khalo, Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Museo Casa Luis Barragan, Palacio Nacional and the rest was just a quick look and moving on.
First photo below is a green wall in our street which was actually a University, followed with a guy making street food, then a look on the Plaza Garibaldi and the next two are from the Zocalo (main square), Palacio de Bellas Artes is the one with the colorful rooftop, followed from the trio from Museo Frida Khalo, colorful chips, casa barragan, two times street view, then a market place where we had a quick bite and than off to Museo de Nacional Antropologia, which made us hungry, so next one is a photo of our dinner + some street food and Jaka walking down the street and that`s kind of it for the city part, which is followed with a bit of Teotihuacan.
Mexico is a country of big economical differences, people are usually really nice (I only had really good experience), they have fantastic food (don`t be afraid of tasting some of the streetfood), it is colorful like one would expect, hostels are the best (huge private rooms with an amazing breakfast for a really good price), mindblowing nature, ruins that won`t dissapoint you, transportation works great (for the long distance trips buses are really good, just aircondition is killing it, so take warm clothes with you & for the transport inside the city usually there are collectivos (small vans) which are driving every 5-10min), police is everywhere so you will feel safe, even though there are rumors that police is not always on the good side. Well, I have to say I was a bit scared before going, cuz I`ve heard so many stories, but I really felt safe. Of course you have to be smart and respect some rules, which doesn`t mean we weren`t out at night. ;)
Ok, enough for the first round....enjoy the photos. They`re too many, I know, but I really couldn`t reduce the number of it, sorry. :)  
Adios, M.

This was actually a University

Street Food

Plaza Garibaldi

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Museo Frida Khalo

Museo Casa Luis Barragan

Tacos or Sushi?

Lunch at the Market place

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

Dinner - yum!


Photos were taken with two different cameras + an iphone.

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  1. Maja, hvalaaaaaaaaaa! Krasni utrinki! Sem ujela nekaj fotografij na instagramu, ampak te se vidijo z drugega zornega kota:)
    Prijeten teden! Saj bo kmalu spet toplo...


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