:: THE WEEKEND {was a blast} ::

Radovljica old town has some beauties to show.

I fell in love with this doors and decoration.
It was a sunny day so we continued to Lake Bled.
What do you think, worth a visit? ;)
enjoying the sunset
Kremna rezina {cream cake}
After we got home, I went out with my girls and it was fun, fun, fun.
Today it was a chill out day in the city. We went to check the new hot {hipster} spot - "Pritličje"
... and yes, the coffee was delicious!

So, this is a short walk trough my weekend, which I really enjoyed a lot, especially since I was sick for a week so I couldn`t wait to go out. :) How was yours? Preparing for holidays?
Oh, and I didn`t had my camera with me, so I abused my phone and all this are my instagram photos so if you aren`t following me yet, check it out http://instagram.com/majarotovnik/.

xo, m.

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