Life can be pretty challenging sometimes, but that`s ok, cuz otherwise it would just be boring. Right? 
Anyhow, lately my schedule is more or less the same - drive - work - drive - sleep. Haha, nothing really interesting, I know! What about you guys, who`ll share the highlights of the last week with me? Oh, and yet again, I`m sick. My imune system must be low, cuz I haven`t been sick this much for many years.. maybe I should drink more water. :) 

Hm, so I was thinking to share some thoughts with you .. 

I don`t know if I ever told you that I really like to watch people and by that, I don`t mean anything creepy lol. Just to see, how they react to something, how they walk, get happy when they see a dog or a kitten (like me for example), enjoy nature, get frustrated with something or whatever.... and then in my head I make a story and I always wonder If it`s a correct one or at least if there is one small piece that fits right there into it. I don`t really know why I felt I need to share this with you, just did. 
At my work most of the time I deal with people that are not particulary kind to me, so I think I became quite good with handling people with troubled nature.  I`ve got skills, yo! :) 

Another thing I wanted to talk are shared rides. I`ve been using them a lot lately and noticed that times have changed since I was a student. A couple of years ago, we just had hitchhiking, which was fun, but a bit risky (still the same though) and then shared rides have appeared. It was not for free anymore, but you had a guarantee that someone will pick you up at the time you wanted to + you had a phone number and a name, which definitely was/is a plus. 
Ok, what I wanted to say is that back than we were in a car talking & joking and rides were a way to meet cool & uncool people. I`m a people person and I always love to meet new folks. I`ve made quite some friends and great parties through shared rides, all very spontaniously and that`s what I love about it. 
Today, we`re all so used to it, that it almost feels like taking a bus. It`s normal, I think natural already. I just miss those old times, cuz even though I`m also a tech nerd and have my phone constantly in my hands, I put it away during the ride, which I`ve noticed it`s not really usual. I had a couple of rides now (full car), 3 people on their phone for 45min, not saying a word. Well, that was just weird and I can`t approve it, sorry. 
I decided that when I drive, people will just have to respect my rules, which mean that they`ll talk. If not, well nothing really.. I`ll just put music super loud, so I`ll have at least some fun from the ride. :) Do you have any experience with shared rides? Do you use them? 

+ I`m deciding on a new travel destionation. Where do you think it should be? Come on, bring it on, I want as much suggestions as rain drops on my window right now (it is raining, so there are a lot of them, no worries). :)

btw, photos are from the last week, when I had some errands in the city center and my camera was with me. I was in a hurry, so this is all I got. 

ha, another thing.. did you ever had this moment when you`ve met someone and it felt like you know them for ages? ok, I had that a couple of times already and it`s really cool, but this time it`s different, kind of weird, cuz I really feel good around this person + it seems like we have so many things in common. Honestly, it confuses me. A lot.

Have a great weekend, spend it just like you would wanted to! Be a boss! :) 
xo, m.

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