An ordinary busy start of the year. Nothing special happened, we went to Open houses, made some dinners for friends, baked banana bread and tried not to freeze while Winter was kicking in.

Had some great breakfasts, slowly start planning our trip in April, been sick for 10 days and after I went for a couple of runs around Savinja (river in my hometown). The views there can be quite spectacular. It still my favourite running path.

Again, some dinners, runs, breakfasts, work and the usual. Oh, and spring started to show off.

April is fun when it`s not too rainy. Well, I didn`t care much since we went to Mexico in the other half of the month. :)

Enjoying the sun, beach and coctails. Our trip ended on 15th of may and then I went to Barcelona for a reunion with my erasmus crew <3 

Summer. A lot of work. A lot of runs. A lot of food. :)

Some great hiking trips, trainings and lunch with good friends that visited Slovenia for a couple of hours.
Weekend in Croatia. Hiking trip. Weekend in Berlin (had the best party for my b-day, danced off the night). Some great moments at the lake. It was a good month!
A great concert. Coffe and day in the city with Vesna. 10k race (I was lucky and won the entry fee)

It was the toughest month in a long time. Jaka was in hospital. We were cleaning and packing cuz we were moving to Ljubljana with 1st of November. Our society organised first event, which was great. All together, pretty stressful.  

We moved. I went to Berlin for a weekend reunion with erasmus crew (we love to see each other and we do it always in a different country. One of my favourite things in life.) 

Winter kicked in and we finally have snow. We did some great hiking trips. Work was crazy. I was sick again and that`s it, more or less. A short recap of 2014. It was a fun but tough year. I hope 2015 will be a bit nicer to me. Anyhow, challenges are always there, waiting for us, to pick them up. So, bring it on baby. :)

I wish you all a great start of a new year, even though I dont really believe in it. You don`t need to wait for the 1st of January to start something different/fresh/new .. right? ;)

Oh, and btw .. THANK YOU for coming back and "list" through my pages.  <3

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