I`ve been working on this post for a while, but I was on holidays in between, because I need a break from mean machines as well, so it took me a bit longer then usually. Honestly, the plan was I`ll write during the last weekend but wifi connection in our appartment was not existing (even though it should), so here we are...it`s 11 pm, my alarm clock will go on in approximately 6h (when I finish this probably there will be only 4h left) and I will make a kick-ass post about how to have a fit/active holidays and why Primus would be a good choice for you. I`m not just saying it, I actually tried it and I liked it. You do trust me, right? ;)

(just so you know that this post should be up like a while ago, but my computer is dying and everyting was erased, which made me upset and I didnt feel like doing it all over again, untill this morning. I left the first part like it was, cuz it`s the only part that was saved. Btw, I`m going to buy myself a new mean maschine.. maybe even today, cuz Im getting stressed with it again. Just in case you were wondering....). :)

So, let`s do this. I`ll give you suggestions and I`ll give you some updates on how we spend our time there.. 

Starting your day with a coffee is always a good idea, but starting your day with adrenalin pumpin` through your vains is even better....

First stop was adventure park. We went to "Pustolovski park Bukovniško jezero", which was amazing --> http://www.pustolovskipark.si/en, not only cuz you can face your fear/s (if you have some of course), but also because it`s great being in the forrest, embracing nature and enjoying fresh air.

Afterwards, our final destination for the night was Grand Hotel Primus, where we parked our beasts of a ride and took some photos. :)

We had a quick introduction, got our keys, took luggage to our rooms and had a tour around the hotel. First stop was the top floor of a hotel where we enjoyed a healthy smoothie with a view on a terrace of an suite. 

..and then we walked through Valens Augusta medico-Wellness Center, where you can pamper yourself as much as you want. I know I could post less photos, but I just want to show you all of it, because I really liked it. ;)

thai room

egyptian room

japanese room - my favourite <3

After all the walking and exploring it was time for lunch! :) We had a (be)fit lunch together with a nutricionist Mojca Cepuš.

So, this was the end of our tour and lunch, which means it was finally time to enjoy our free spa time! Saunas are great and as you can see also the chillout area is perfect. <3

What I was trying to say is, that even if you are on vacations you can still be in shape if that`s your goal or way of life. Primus is located in a really good area, where you can do a lot of outdoor activities, such as running, cycling and other sports included in the Terme Ptuj recreation programme. Guests have access to Tennis courts, a basketball and voleyball court, a fitness studio and mini golf. You can also do a lot of daytrips in the region.
So, I`d say your day could look like this: You wake up and go for a run and maybe have a quick workout in the fitness. Then it`s time for breakfast and coffee, followed by some chillin` next to a pool, a bit of swimming and a smoothie for gaining back that energy you lost in the water. You`ve done enough already, but still, you can maybe go for a walk or play some golf or tennis, so that when you`ll enjoy your befit lunch, you`ll feel hungry. ;) Ha, and now after all the efforts you showed, you definitely deserve a massage and some quality sauna time... 
hehe, just a suggestion if you`re not sure what to do with all of your free vacation time ;) 

Anyhow, I had fun, I`m sure you`d enjoy as well...  

Next post will be about lovely city Ptuj and it`s going to be soon, I promise. ;) 
I`m sending a big hug to all of you that are following me. Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated. <3 

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  1. Simply amazing! In za ponovit ob naslednji priložnosti.


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