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Yesterday I shared with you a post about Ptuj (which you can find here) and today I'm sharing one last thing about Ptuj and that's where you definitely have to stop for an amazing lunch or dinner. 

We were lucky enough to enjoy a six course meal on a blogger/journalist tour that we did and it was absolutely fantastic! The only bad thing was, that I was barely able to fit everything into my tummy, but I didn't want to miss out on anything, because everything was so freakin' delicious! :) 
+ they also had a really good choice for vegetarians! (big plus on that one)

So, the place itself is kind of amazing as well, situated right next to a river, with a beautiful sunny terracce, where you can enjoy yourself, maybe even just for a quick coffee stop in the early morning or to enjoy a glass of wine at the sunset. 
If you don't believe me, go and see it for yourself, but don't forget to let me know how much you enjoyed it. :) Btw, just so we're clear... I write positive thoughts only about the things that I like and If I'm not convinced by something I'll say it or I just won't mention it. That's my diplomatic way of avoiding the negative thoughts when they are unnecessary. (Glad to have that out now) :) 

Haha, I should so be sleeping right now. This job at 7am is killing me. Need to do something about that, ASAP! (at least holidays will be soon) :)) 

So, enjoy the photos and I hope you'll be hungry by the time you reach the last photo. :)

The view from the bridge
The terracce

The (happy) crew

I didn't find the web page, so I'm sharing their info here: 

Gostilna Ribič

Dravska ulica 9
2250 Ptuj
tel.: 00386 2 74 90 635
e-mail: info@gostilna-ribic.si

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Lots of hugs,

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