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Another vegan recipe post from the The Oh She Glows Cookbook, cuz when I told you that I'm going to try a lot of recipes, I wasn't kidding. ;) So in the previous post (here) I introduced a main dish and today I'm sharing with you the most important meal of the day, which is of course, breakfast (at least that's what they say). In the book the recipe includes coconut yoghurt and since I have no idea if that's possible to find in the store (probably yes), I googled and made a homemade one, which was quite easy and surprisingly delicious.

I left it in the fridge over the night and it was so damn good in the morning. I had an easy morning on the balcony, reading news, checking blogs and eating this healthy homemade breakfast that gave me energy through the whole day. Who would of think so.. I liked it, a lot. (haha, but just so we're clear eggs with bacon are still a fav breakfast for me) ;)  

So, this is it. If you would like to know how to prepare Bircher muesli, you should write me an email and I might tell you OR you can also buy a book at Totaliteta and have all this great recipes just for yourself, or let's be honest, you can also just google it. Simple as that. ;) 

Hey, but no worries, I will tell you how to prepare Homemade Coconut Yoghurt, because it's super easy. 


Preparation + Cooking time: 10 min
△ gluten free  △ soy free   sugar free (optional) △ lactose free

1 can of coconut milk (250ml) 
1 tbs of agar agar / čajno žličko agar agarja - rastlinska želatina - Btw, a kdo ve kje se da to najbolj ugodno dobit, ker 7 evričev se mi je zdelo kar veliko? :) 
Vanilla - bourbon vanilla 
Maple syrup or Agave or Honey or whatever you want to use from sweeteners 

Shake the coconut milk, open it and pour it into a medium pot. Whisk until the milk is smooth and uniform. Add agar agar, vanilla and sweetener if you wish so. Don't stir! 
Then place the pan on the stove over medium heat and warm until the coconut milk starts to simmer (The agar agar will also start to melt together). Whisk the milk and turn down the heat to low. Continue cooking on low, whisk occasionally, for 5 to 10 min, until the agar agar flakes are fully dissolved. Cool the milk until it's just warm to the touch. I placed it in the fridge over the night and it was fine in the morning. When it cools down it becomes a bit like a pudding, so if you want you can use it like that, or add some water and blend it, so you will get a bit more rare texture. I just left it like it was, but I couldn't eat much, I was full very quickly.

If you have any other ways of preparing this yoghurt, please share it with me and other curious souls. ;) 

Have a great end of the week, tmrw is already Thursday (my fav day excluding Saturday and Sunday) . :) Ohhh and don't forget to go outside tonight and check out the sky for some serious shooting stars! They say it is going to be amazing! ;) xx

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