I actually wanted to do this post for a while now, but never really had the time or maybe the right motivation to do so. I know you guys are also struggling with the question of On-the-go snacking, especially when traveling, partying or working all day long. Usually that are the toughest situations, when we are weak and grab whatever there is, just to satisfy that nasty craving for food that we might have. I think we can do so much better than that, but, for that you need a lil bit of effort and time, which is both totally worth it.

I was thinking to do a series of posts called "Snack The Work Away" which I might still do and the point was, that you prepare yourself such good meal/snacks, that all the attention will go just to your pre-homemade & delicious meals (which are also healthy and light) and all the work troubles will be in a blur for at least that hour when you'll be proud at yourself, because you took time to make a small difference in your life (for a bigger cause!). 

Anyhow, today we're talking about Emergency Snack Kit, which I understand as "What's always in my bag, no matter where I am or what I do". I'd like to point out that I'm not writing on dieting, or no sugar/no carbs snacks. I am simple sharing snacks that help me get through the busy days. 

1.) Dried fruit & Nuts (almonds + cashews are my fav, but I love to roast them a bit)

2.) Fresh Fruit (try to stick with the seasonal one)

3.) Power bars (not my fav solution though, maybe if you make them at home)

4.) Seed Crackers (that is for the super emergency when I tend to work late, but can't do lunch until I get home. Crackers help me to shut down the cravings and cook before I empty the fridge with my eyes. Choose wisely since you can find low carb, gluten free, whatever you want from a cracker to be). 

5.) Dark Chocolate (I believe a piece of that god damn chocolate is good for me) 

6.) Veggies, for ex. sliced carrot or pepper, with a homemade spread (hummus for ex.) or Cottage cheese perhaps (This one is my fav, but it takes a lil bit of your time for the preparation)

7.) Roasted Chickpeas (I made a post about this here).

8.) Banana bread (this one is great, cuz you can bake it and then enjoy it a couple of days. Find recipe here.)

9.) Smoothies --> In the mornings I often make myself a Smoothie to go, which is great cuz I have a 45min drive to work, so I enjoy it on the way. Find some inspiration here.

10.) Make some Quinoa Cakes to go (easily to carry with you and you can eat them anywhere.).

11.) This is a Sweet & Salty Bonus: Apple slices + Peanut Butter (just to comfort you a bit on a very stressed day)

Anyhow, this is just few ideas what you can do, but there are unlimited options of snacks out there, you just need to grab it! ;) Btw, Check out Nuts.com and their healthy snacks page. They are sharing some tips, ideas and also sell some healthy snacks that you might like. Again, I'm not saying this is good for a diet, but it is good for a power snack, especially if you are a sporty person. 

I'd love if you would engage and share your thoughts about On-The-Go Snacking with me. What are your favourite snacks? What do you do when you're on the road, traveling or working? Do you have any tips, recipes, thoughts? Share that with us! ;)


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