:: AUGUST ::

August is mine. I love it for many reasons. Not only because I was born in August, but also for many other things... hm, let's see...  Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, Roasted Corn (delicious!) & all that idea with camping and fire, eating corn, watching the stars (I did that zero times this year btw and that concerns me), the temperatures are normal (25-30 degrees), less touristy (but still enough), Trnfest (a festival in Ljubljana that is always a fun place to be), I had some pretty nice days, discovering new places, hanging out with friends, enjoying summer. 
I'd say that all good things come to an end, but that's just because some things have to end, so that other, even better ones get their chance (oh, so poetic). ;)

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This one goes back to the seaside. Last day at sea and little yellow happiness at home. 

This was for me, being 30. (work/home)

A stroll in Ljubljana city center. 

Indian vs. Vegan. I did ate a lot. I always do. yum yum :) 

Spending some time in my hometown, walking and hanging with friends. 

Saturday Morning walk / Friday afterwork fun

My Family visiting & a beautiful ending of a Sunday (the last one in August).

September bring it on, with all the beautiful autumn colours.


  1. hej!
    A indijska hrana je domača ali je iz kake restavracije?
    lp, Maja :)

    1. oj! ;)
      Uh, doma se je še nisem lotila, to me še čaka :)
      Drugače pa to je iz restavracije Maharaja (kjer je zraven še Himalaya, z Nepalsko hrano). To kar je na sliki, je v bistvu bilo vse iz Nepalskega menija, čeprav iskreno, meni se ni zdelo, da je velika razlika. ;)
      Pozdravček, M.


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