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I love her work. I like the way she thinks. She is always positive and smiling. She is one hell of a designer (my stash of her things is getting bigger and bigger). She's a girl from my hometown and 
she is someone that I want to write about, because she's an inspiring girl.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and about the wonderful things that you make. 
First off, THANK YOU for this lovely interview <3. I'm Mimi (Miriam Muha), a student of architecture, handmade enthusiast, salad lover, home decor collector & a freelance hobby designer.
I make my ideas happen - for you or for your home.

2. It happens that I know your mom is a creative soul as well.. would you say that her being creative an impact on your childhood and your growth as a designer? 
I would say most definitely! In her last semester on FF (Faculty of arts) she enrolled into ALU (Academy of Fine arts) to study painting, but had to put that on hold (I still encourage her to finnish her studies + my dad is a bit of a handmade hobbymaker), so I had that art bug pretty much in my genes. She supported me in every single thing and I'm very grateful that I was never limited or to be said to be, that I cannot do it (arts-wise). It stuck and that allowed me to grow and support and encourage others.

3. When did you discover that you enjoy making things?
At a very young age. I enjoyed arts & crafts way back in kindergarten. Drawing, making clothes for dolls, acting... that continued into pre-school and elementary school where I was part of the drama, arts and music class. By highschool I was already familiar with different materials and techniques that just emerged on the DIY scene (thanks to the local art supplies store that organised classes) & I was well into jazz balet @ IGEN - a well-known local dance studio.

4. I know architecture must be another passion of yours. Do you ever see yourself working in that field? 
It is, but not so much the technical part, I'm more keen on the interior solutions. I do and hopefully will do so in the near future. I had my first real client work month ago and I really enjoyed it.

5. So, If I `m correct you started out with making only jewellery and later on you started adding different things. Could you tell us more about that?
Yeah. I started with making jewellery for myself and closest friends. By the time I was off to uni I took my creations to then popular Društvo Pozitive - they were the first ever store that was selling creatins for Slovenian designers. Then it all kind of continued. My taste and techniques got clearer ad more minimalistic. I started wondering what can I make to make useful at home. So, I started making home decor with useful factor. :)

6. What does your creative process look like?
I make a sketch of how I want the piece to look in the end and I gather all the materials I want to use. I start with delicate materials - plexi, clay, leather.. and then I just assemble them. I really take care of the details and I take my time with each piece.

7. Where do you find inspiration?
In current fashion trends, architecture, nature, even in the hardware store. Sometimes I upgrade things I did before, just to make them more fashion forward and simple.

8. Do you travel a lot? Your favourite city would be? Would you live there or you happy where you are? 
I do and I love it. I love London, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Istanbul.. hard to pick a favourite one. I love London because my best friend lives there and I go and visit her every year - not sure about living there tho. I think my choice of living would be either Berlin or Barcelona. I love the artsy vibe of both cities. I`m kind of ok with living in Slovenia for now, but I would like to experience life outside of it. I think it broades the horizons and creativity.

9. What do you think, what`s the difference between designers at home and abroad?
Probably the better access to different materials. In this day and age you can buy everything over the internet but I still miss the diversity of the materials and supplies in the local art stores.
I think they are better supported from the get-go. By their peers, proffessors, suppliers... they find their potential and they get all the support and opportunities. I am not saying we are without any but certainly not as much. Slovenia is a small country with a very small market and by now it seems like with a very small budget. All of that reflects into everyday life and society, so I just take it as it is. In the end you have to make better opportunities for yourself, by yourself. It's a challange but a fun one. It helps you grow.

10. If you had the power, that would you change in your town? I know, a weird question cuz usually we don't have that kind of power, but I know we`re all dreaming about that (at least I do). :) 
Uf! I would like to bring back the alternative scene that was once very strong. I miss the diversity of the clubs, music,.. I would establish a center for people to expand their ideas and interests - skate park, music studios, workshops, art workshops, grafitti areas... So much more, but I would be super happy to get an opportunity just to try one of the things I proposed.

11. Tell us about your normal day. BTW, you must have a good time managament skills! ;) 
It's mostly made of making jewelery and work :) When I do not work I make jewelery - I don't take it as a job or anything hard. It relaxes me and it's fun. When something you love doing becomes "have to" it's probably time to stop and reevaluate your work. But I do take time for friends, cup of coffee, party...Everything just kind of flows. :)

12. What`s your vision for the future? Do you have any special goals (if it`s a secret, no worries, we understand)
I would like to get a lever higher - with materials, techniques, outreach to the people. Maybe try to get outside Slovenia - Paris, London.. At some point I would like to own a shop - I've been part of the retail business for so long I got hooked. :)

13. Is there any thoughts, recipes, photos, quotes, a song, a movie, anything really, that you would like to share?
Just try to stay positive through each day. I like to listen to Burial - I find his music very positive and uplifting tho it has a lot of dark undertones. Drink lots of water. Do DIY's even if you think you suck at it - no one does, you just do it YOUR was :) be kind to animals.

again --> thank you Maja for this lovely opportunity <3


Thank you Mimi!! <3

You can find Mimi at:
Smile Concept Store, Mestni try 6, Ljubljana
LOLA, Gallusovo nabrežje 1, Ljubljana
Trgovina Mina, Gosposka ulica 21, Celje
Mačkor Dijor, Lilekova ul. 1, Celje


  1. mimi= stajliš + kretivni Multipraktik. love her.

  2. Oh, kako zeloooooooooooo všečno! Bravo Mimi! Bravo Maja!
    Keep going!


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