About a week ago a co-worker gave me recipes that I might like and of course I've tried them out. There were actually two of them and the first one, well, it was a total fail, because the dough wasn't thick enough so I'v tried to save it, but in the end I threw it away (oops). I will try again, but in the meantime I needed some motivation so I tried out the second recipe which was working out great. :) 
I'm sorry I didn't take more photos, but it was before I went to sleep, I was tired and I just wanted to finish so I'll have them with my tea in the morning. Let me say, these cookies are delicious, simple to make and the most important, homemade and healthy.  I love it also because I started to eat more clean and getting back on the track with my trainings, so I'll be fit and happy (if you missed the post I wrote about it, you can check it here). ;) 

△ Ingridients △ 
75g margarine or butter (I used coconut butter)
125g coarse oatmeal
75g brown sugar (u can add half of it, or none if you wish, because they're really sweet in the end)
1 egg
50g flour (I used spelt flour)
3g (1tbs) backing powder

+ of your choice: dark chocolate, cinnamon, chopped hazelnuts/almonds/wallnuts, raisins, cranberries 
(I added cinnamon, a lil bit of dark chocolate, chopped hazelnuts+almonds, and a mix of raisins and cranberries). Of course you can play and add some other ingredients as well, just use what you like. 

First we're going to melt butter in a pan, add oatmeal and stir gently while frying. It takes some time, but be careful so you won't burn them. Add 1 tbs of brown sugar and stir until it gets browned. Then put it aside and cool it down & in the meantime beat egg and gradually add remaining sugar to it. Mix for 2 min. 
Mix flour with baking powder than sift the mixture on to the egg cream, add cooled flakes and stir quickly. If you decided to make the cookies even more delicious than now it's the time to add finely chopped dried fruit, chopped nuts or chocolate chips. 
With a spoon you shape piles and place them on a greased baking pan (or baking paper) and bake in a preheated oven on 175-200 degrees, 12-15 minutes.

▲ SLO ▲

△ Sestavine △ 
75g margarine ali masla (jaz sem uporabila kokosovo maslo)
125g grobih ovsenih kosmičev
75g rjavega sladkorja (lahko ga dodate pol manj ali pa nič, ker so keksi precej sladki, sploh, če boste dodali brusnice in rozine)
1 jajce
50g moke (jaz sem uporabila pirino)
3g (zvrhana čajna žlička) pecilnega praška

V ponvi razpustimo maslo, dodamo ovsene kosmiče in jih med mešanjem rahlo pražimo. Primešamo še 1 žlico sladkorja in ga prav tako porjavimo. Posebej stepamo jajce in mu postopoma dodajamo preostali sladkor ter stepamo še dve minuti. Moko zmešamo s pecilnim praškom in jo presejemo na jajčno kremo, dodamo še ohlajene kosmiče in jih na hitro vmešamo. Po želji lahko dodamo še na drobno narezano suho sadje (brusnice, rozine, fige), sesekljane oreščke (madlji, lešniki, orehi) ali koščke čokolade. Z žličko oblikujemo kupčke in jih polagamo na pomaščen pekač (ali na peki papir) in postavimo v ogreto pečico. Pečemo na 175 - 200C, 12-15min. 

.. pa dober tek! ;) 
xo, Maja

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