All of you that are with me for a while now, you know that I've started this #FoodOnTheGoProject a while ago. I didn't post that much here on the blog, because I focused more on the Facebook, Snapchat and Instastories, where of course you're more then welcome to join the crowd drooling over my fantastic recipes. Haha, you know I'm joking right? Ok, but, just in case, you can find links to my social media on the top right corner. ;)
I've decided I'll keep on making blog posts, because it's the best way to keep the history of what I was making, so when I (or you of course) need an inspiration for the next day, you can come here and choose between my past lunch boxes.  Also, if I want to make the same dish as previous week, I have a reminder I should do something different (my memory is not at its best for some things, golden fish capacity). ;) I'm always trying to make dishes that are relatively quickly prepared, they can be reheated and are more or less from fresh ingredients. I admit, food is important to me and that's why I'm willing to put a lil more effort into preparations, so I eat healthy & good. Do you prepare meals for yourselves as well or you have a hot meal organized at work? If you have the second option, that's good (you're a lucky), but still, be aware of what you're eating and what options do you have, because you can do a lot with choosing the right dishes. ;) For ex. I like to keep my meals light, because if I'm working I don't like the after effect (dreaming of a couch) when eating heavy, big meals. You know what I'm talking about, right? ;) 

This time I'm sharing a recipe for a simple, but delicious pasta. I bought the ingridients in
Hofer Slovenija, except some extras that I brought home from trips around Italy (I love their food, so good!). 

Let's cook! 

1. Prepare a pot of boiling water, where you'll cook pasta 
2. Prepare a pan, where you'll make the magical sauce.

You will need the basic things, like salt, pepper and olive oil. There's no food without this three musketeers. 

So, on the photo below in the first row from left to right we have:  tuna, olives with almonds (love them), *homegrown dried tomatoes, minced garlic, *pistachio flour (bought in Sicily).
Second row: zucchini, pasta, herb butter, *pesto (from Tuscany) & *spices (from Sicily) 

*extras: you can use them, but it's not necessary. Include some other things that you have at home or you love the taste of it. Play a bit, add things and try new flavours. Use whatever works for you. ;)

How to make the sauce? 
Make sure you have a hot pan and start with melting a little bit of herb butter + add one tbs of olive oil.  Then first saute garlic, add zucchini, olives, tuna, dried tomatoes and stir for a couple of minutes. Don't forget to add spices you like and maybe a little bit of pesto for the taste. 
Put aside and wait for the pasta to be cooked. 

For the grand finale mix pasta with the sauce, stir a bit more, add another spoon of olive oil for the end and enjoy or in my case, fill up a lunch box and put it into a refrigirator over the night. That was easy, right? ;) Oh, oh ... and don't forget on the parmesan for the cherry on the top! (Tip: I always take it with me and add it after I reheat pasta or risotto, because it tastes better this way). ;)

This is all for today and we'll "see" each other very soon, because there are a couple of more posts coming up very soon.  

Bon appetit! 

With love, 


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