This week I finally started my main holidays and they are much needed and well deserved. I know some people think I'm all the time on holidays, but sorry my dear friends, you are wrong and this is actually a topic I'll write about in one of the next posts. ;) Anyhow,  we ended up on Island Krk, Croatia in an apartment of a very nice 80y old lady, named Katica. No booking in advance, just a walk through the street and some chit chat with locals to find a perfect spot. Nothing fancy, but clean and lovely. I think I never wrote about this before and I want to share with you that Krk is very special to me, since I was camping here with my family almost all of my childhood and that's how I started to love camp life. I haven't been here in a while .. well, actually when I think about, I had a weekend getaway with my friend Tjaša 2y ago, but we were here for wakeboarding so we stayed near Punat and also I was here with a group of friends last year, but we also stayed in Punat, which is further down the Island (not the same!). 
I love it here because I already know (almost) everything. You know that warm familiar feeling, when you walk around and moments from past are filming in front of you and suddenly you realise that's nostalgia knocking on your door? ;)

I'm nostalgic about many things, even though I try not to heat up the past to much and live for the present moments. Im not much "look into the future" person either, I like to live for present moments and I like to have control of what's going on now, at this moment, but past is something it's hard not to think about, because it already happened and we have memories about it and if they are nice, it's only natural to have "saudades" (*portuguese expression, google it up). ;)

I love how you come to an unknown place (read: apartments at Croatia seaside) where you have this flower table cloths and plates that have to work for you if you're an enthusiast blogger taking photos of everything. In the end it always turns out good, like this breakfast below. I bet you're feeling like having a plate of fruit now as well? ;) 
Imagine waking up early, going for a beautiful trail run right next to the sea, having a swim and then enjoying this fruit heaven. That my friends is for me a perfect start of a morning. Ok, If I'm honest a croissant and a cup of coffee ain't bad too. ;) 

This second plate is all about nostalgia as well, because it has all the products we all loved when we were kids. Viki krema, which is made from half white/half dark chocolate. I'm a big fan of white one, so I always eat that one first, so the glass is half empty, Kraš Peppermint bonbons that were always hiding in pockets of our grannies (+Kiki bonbons were there too) and last, but not the least is a Raspberry syrup from Dana, that was a cherry on the top for our puddings. ;) Old school as it can get, but still delicious.  So, with all this, is nostalgia maybe knocking on your doors as well? ;)

If you feel like having a blast from the past, you can get all this legendary products next week in Hofer Slovenia. ;) 


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  1. Hi, hi... Pepermint? Te je moja babi kupovala :)
    Luštne počitnice. Mi je kar žal, da nam je ravno Krk letos pobegnil. Ga imam rada... A bo... drugo leto. Uživaj v spominih in s polno paro dalje.


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