Who said going solo on a roadtrip is a bad idea? I love to be surrounded with people, but sometimes I also feel I need to be alone or that I need to do something just by myself. 
This Sunday solo trip actually wasn't planned to be solo, it was just a coinsidence that all the people I asked to go with me were busy doing something (working, vacay, laziness, wild Saturday night, not feeling like a trip...), so I decided to go alone. Some of my friends were like "Alone, on a roadtrip?!" and others went like "yeah, that's the spirit!" and I have to say I'm much closer with this second way of thinking. I don't like to limit myself, because there's always a way to do things you wish or want to do. So, god damn it, if you wish to do something, just do it, don't overthink it! ;) 

Ok, If you want to go to Laghi di Fusine (Belopeška jezera) you should know a couple of things. 

1. The way
If you are going from Slovenia, you should't have any problems, it's easy to find it. Going on a highway towards Kranjska Gora, than just follow the road towards Tarvisio, passing the village Rateče. When you cross the border keep your sight on the left to see the sign "Laghi di Fusine" where you'll turn left on to a curvy road that takes you straight to the lakes. 

2. Parking
When you come to the lake, road gets narrow and there are cars parked on the side of the road. Just leave it anywhere really and have a walk. I suggest not to go to the very end, because you'll loose time and nerves, but if you feel adventurous, do it.  It just gets crowded and you don't have a lot of space to turn your car with all the buses and campers around. 
(talking about the high season).

3. What to bring
If you're brave take your swimsuits, but you should know that the water is cold. They won't be for nothing though, since you'll be working on your tan. Take all the picnic things you want. There's so much nice spots to chill out and enjoy a homemade lunch. I made a lil snack at home and took it with me packed in Aladdin lunchbox + a bottle of water is a must of course. Be early, so you can walk around both lakes and find your favourite one. There is also a cafe (I think two) where you can have a coffe/a cold beer/whatever. Oh, also it's great for children, since there is so much green space to play. ;) 
+ Charge your batteries, you might want to take a lot of photos (talking from experiences).

I guess that's it and if you want to know anything else, leave a comment here, or write me an email, contact me via instagram/snapchat/facebook/twitter, wherever you like. ;) 

x This post is made in a friendly collaboration with 1001 dar. If you like my lunchbox + watter bottle, check out their page. Also, I`d like to point out that when I write about products, I`m always honest about their quality and my experiences as a user. x


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  1. Maja, za na off in napolnit baterije, kaj?! Se mi zdi, da se ti je za hip kar čas ustavil...
    Ob priliki ponovi :).


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