Traveling is in my vains, but as much as I enjoy exploring foreign countries, I love to explore  Slovenia as well, because It always surprises me. Seriously, we live in such a beautiful country and even though it's small it has so much to offer. I probably wrote this many times before and I guess this is not the last time I'm saying this either. ;)

I was invited on a Press trip to discover Bela krajina, a region that I have never been before, even though it's only a good hour away from Ljubljana. We stayed at Big Berry Luxury Lifestyle camp that has a concept of »a luxurious camping« or maybe you've heard about »glamping« before.  It's like camping, but far more luxurious. You're not staying in a tent, but you'll enjoy a stay in a beautiful mobile house that was made by Hosekra and can be for two, four or six persons. If you want to see the layout and get more info about the rooms please check here.
At the moment there are eight houses in the camp, but this year is opened only for journalists and bloggers, so be ready to book yours for the next Summer! It's a perfect getaway for nature lovers that like to enjoy the comfort of the modern home even when they are camping glamping. ;)

When we arrived, Ana (event planner at Big Berry) was there for us to show us around and explain all the important things. She brought us beer from Vizir (a local partner) to cool down from a hot drive we had and that was a big gesture for us (thanks Ana!). ;) We were actually really lucky with the weekend we picked because the weather was at its best. You know, it's always much nicer to enjoy the sun, then hide from the rain. 

Each mobile house has it's own patio with a hot tub, which honestly, is great for drinking wine at the sunset. ;) Breakfast is on your patio every morning at 8am and it comes in a cute basket full of local products from partners in the region. Be brave and wake up early to join the fitness, which is usually from 8-9am. Janko (the trainer) has some serious moves, so prepare to sweat a lot. When finished, jump in the river Kolpa for a refreshment, have a shower (or not) and enjoy your breakfast fully, because you've earned it. Trust me, it feels so good. I wish I could do this routine every morning, but usually I'm always rushing to work.
All of the above is just a very short description of how your mornings might look. If you do the same I guaranty you, that your day will be great, because you'll feel energised throughout the day.

What are you going to do with the rest of your day is up to you and you have variety of possibilities. If you want to relax, you can stay near Kolpa river and try those white super comfy chairs they have (see on the photo below) or just lay down on a towel, have a nap, daydream or read a book. There's enough shadow for everyone, so no need to worry about that. Still, bring your sunscreen, you will need it for your active days and aslo it's good for your skin and health.:) 

When you get hungry from all the swimming and changing positions on a towel, there's an amazing bbq place in the camp which I'm totally in love with for many reasons. It's big and spacious, beautiful designed, has really comfy seats inside (I've heard it's a great if you make a sleepover there, so maybe try that) and the grill is BIG! Also, the table under the tree ain't bad as well. ;) 

A great chill area when you need that 15 minutes after you finished eating or maybe you just want to take some nice photos for your Instagram is right next to the bbq.. ;) Attention: This hanging chairs are comfy and you might enjoy them, a lot. The feeling is like a flying sofa, just that it isn`t. Haha, not that I ever tried a flying sofa though. :D

Ok, let's get serious now. Enough slacking, it's time to be a lil bit active so we'll sleep tight in the evening. What do you think about canoeing, sounds good, right? Well, they are there waiting for you to jump in and go on an adventure on Kolpa. Maybe cross the river and say "Hi" to Croatia or just enjoy and explore. Bring a small backpack with snacks and a drink perhaps. Who said picnic on a canoe can`t be done? ;) Haha, and talking about slacking before... I wasn`t talking about slackline, but you probably know that and just so you know, it`s there between the trees waiting for the brave ones to show some skills.

If you're not much into water sports there's a beach volley court in the camp as well. Make a competition to see who will pay for that beer in the evening. That can always turn up as a lot of fun..

..or if you're one of those people that has to constantly move, simply just go for a walk through fields around the camp. The landscape is scenic, I`m sure you'll love it. Oh, also you can rent bikes in the camp and explore a bit faster. ;) We'll talk more about this in the next post where I'll be introducing partners and Bela krajina.

Our day is slowly coming to an end and we feel it's time to enjoy the sunset at this lovely lounge place. Don't forget to bring a bottle of wine from Malnarič winery or some chilled champagne. If you feel like it, sleep outside. Feel the nature. *don't forget on your repelent though.

There's of course another great way to end your day. Light up the candles and have a massage in the hot tub. That's of course for more private evenings, but If you feel like socializing I'm sure you'll find some people around the camp. Make a common dinner. Dance. Watch the stars. Whatever really. Hah and you can make a hot tub party as well. I'm sure you won't be the first or the last one with this idea. :) 

I wanted to guide you through the activities of a day in a camp, but there's much more to it. Check here for all the activities available in the camp.
I love the fact that WIFI is everywhere and admit it, we all need it, no matter how much we want to escape from it. One other amazing thing are herbs and berries around the camp that you can pick whenever. You're cooking a dinner? Making a lemonade? Need herbs? No biggy, they're right there , almost next to your doorstep. 
The staff is amazing and I'd like to thank everyone, especially Alberto and Ana who were there for us for most of our activities and questions. For sure, they know how to make you feel welcomed. ;) 

** Find more info about Big Berry here.
** Prices start at 200 EUR per night, which is not the cheapest accomodation, but I honestly think it's well worth it, considering the package you're getting.
** Animal friendly : Dogs allowed, yey!
** Near to a supermarket if you want to buy food/drinks.
** Great location for making day trips.

Primostek 50
8332 Gradac - Slovenija

45.37390 N, 15.18051 E

In the next post I'll introduce Bela krajina and the partners Big Berry is working with. 
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*Note: I was hosted by Big Berry but everything I wrote is in my own opinion and from my own experiences.* 

*All of the photos were taken with my iphone. I know, camera would be better, but that's how I roll. Building my insta account. ;) * 

Stay tuned and follow me to my next adventure. ;) 



  1. Uh, lepo. Maja, hvala. Že doooooooolgo nisem bila ob Kolpi. Maham... iz avstrijske koroške:)

    1. Sabina, naslednjič, ko boste planirali izlet, kar pogumno proti Kolpi. Res je luštno, pa reka je fantastična. Ravno prave temperature in čista! Uh, ne dvomim, da je tudi avstrijsko koroška lepa. ;) Uživaj dopust!*

  2. Maja, hvala. Uh, ja... čaram neskončnost...
    H Kopli pa tudi pridem:)


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