Food. Such a great thing. :D I love sweet things, especially good & pretty sweet things. Even if they re not so good and just pretty, it works fine for me. :)
I`ve made quick collage out of deserts and main dishes. Homemade nutella, strawberries with chocolate, hot chocolate cups, potted plant cupcakes ... njammmi! (Im so hungry right now (probably),but my breakfast will have to wait till 10 o`clock cuz Im at work right now! ) :D Ive made this post last night, before going to sleep and I was really exhausted so Ive kept it short (but sweet!) ;)

And on this picture homemade hummus (Ive tried it in Greece for the first time, and I loved it) - great thing, easy to make and delicious.  French onion soup (the best thing Ive ever tried, seriously!), mozzarella balls with tomato-basil sauce (mmmnjami) and easy muffin pan breakfast (which Ive never tried, but it looks like a great idea). :)

 I found all this great photos on pinterest. And just in case you dont know, click on the photo to enlarge it.

                                                        So, are you hungry now? :) 


  1. What an amazing shape of cups! Eatable ones :) I can't belive in what i see, but i like it! I tried hummus last year for the first time, and i really liked it, and Lebanese cuisine is very popular these days in Serbia :)

    Hugs, and yes, i'm definitely hungy!

  2. Catherine sviđa se i meni ;) Moram da napravim nešto tako, ali poslije bit če mi žao, da to jedem, zato što izgleda tako lijepo :) A hummus stvarno je dobra stvar.. (ajde ima i boljih, ali super je za predjelo) :)

    xoxo ;)


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