Yey it`s friday! Funny, how happy I`m always, when it comes to the end of the week. It`s a beautiful sunny (cold) day ! I don`t mind the sun, but when I see on the news how much snow other countries have, I get a bit sad. I want snow too and this year was such a shitty winter - dry and cold, big dislike! 
Ohhh I do love `snowy days`, cuz there is so many fun things you can do. Just walking in the snow is fun! 
So, or it will snow or I want spring + sun + flowers everywhere! 
Lately I`ve been really busy with life in general, didn`t had much time for surfing on the internet, which might be good, but I miss my daily fix of blogs that I follow. :) 
Anyway I managed to find this cool shop called Fine Little Day, and with all the pretty things they have, it was really hard to choose what do I want to show you guys.

Fine Little Day is a sprawling and happily inconsistent brand and blog, founded 2007 by Swedish artist Elisabeth Dunker. The main focus is playful creating based on intuition, pleasure and joy. 
Lectures, workshops and products is what they do. 

1. Dot cups
1. Books
1. Cutting boards
1. Pillow Cases
1. Wallpapers
1. Poster ; 2. Birch bag ; 3. Blanket ; 4. Hot water bottle grey


  1. Alja, veš kako težko sem izbrala samo določene, ker mi je vse ful všeč. Knjigice so mi ful luštne, pa postri, šalčke <3, wallpapers (haha bravo jaz, ne spomnem se slovenske besede, googlat pa ne grem!) :)


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