On a Friday afternoon we used a free pass to our Regional Museum and went to see an exhibition - A town beneath today`s town. It was about time, since I live here and never saw it. 
Actually a lot of people still don`t know that this exists in Celje, which I think it`s a shame, because there are some tourists that "get lost" from time to time and they don`t see all the things that city is offering them. 
Slovenia really is a beautiful country, we just don`t really know how to earn some extra bucks with tourism and all the pretty sights + interesting things that we have. 
For example last year during my traveling in Greece we saw some natural waterfalls + other natural sights, which were beautiful and everything. People were loving it and everybody were talking about it, and I kept thinking --> hey, we also have all this + maybe much more to show off to the people (don`t get me wrong, I loved what I saw there too, but it just wasn`t so amazing as they were selling it to us - good marketing I would say) ! :) 
We have for ex. Kozjak waterfalls , Valley of discoveries - Soča , Trenta , Logarska dolina , Bled ( I did a post about it here), .... I could go on, but I can`t tell you everything, you have to come and see it by yourself!  
Ahhh I got carried away... we were talking about the museum. I could copy the text from their webpage but I love their virtual presentation, so I`ll ask you to visit it. It`s really good and I`m sure you`ll enjoy it!
xoxo, M. 


  1. LEGENDARNO!!! Obožujem zgodovino in Celje jo ima ogromno!

  2. super post Maja! pozdravljam kritiko naši turistični (ne)podjetnosti! Celje pod Celjem je pa mega! dejansko komaj čakam in se veselim, da uredijo celoten objekt in preselijo Celjske grofe, tako da bo res en super kronološki pregled! + naše Grofe bi lahko tako konkretno tržili, kot Habsburžane! upam, da se bo z vso prenovo in novo urbanistično podobo centra začelo kaj premikati! -> se lohk spet navežmo na Jane's walk debato :)


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