Hey guys, how are you today? I`m freakin` cold all day already, I can`t get warm enough no matter what. I don`t like this fast weather changes, from "summer to winter" just in a day. :) 
The weekend was amazing - sunny and warm, just like I wished for.  
On Friday I went to museum (previous post) and a walk through the city + ice cream (nom nom). :) 
Saturday was all about personal challenges. We went to our first Half marathon in Radenci (21km) and we did great! I`m proud on myself, I never thought I`ll do it. I guess that it`s true, when they say that people really change  with time, or at least they have other priorities....
Now instead of going out every Friday, I`m cooking Spaghetti for Saturday morning before going to run on some marathon. :)) Haha, seriously this whole month is the same, 3 more weeks and than I think I have enough for a while... anyway, beware of running, it becomes addictive. :) 
Ah and for the Sunday there is no photos, because I was relaxing all day. That`s it, my weekend.
Take care, xoxo


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