Well, my life was much more interesting when I was a student and had shit loads of free time, so I could go and do whatever/whenever, but being an "adult" with a serious job, isn`t that bad as well, it just brings a lot more adjustments & obligations. 
Like I said a couple of times before I`m a summer child, which means I love summer + I was born in August (yup, my b-day is coming!). Sea, sun, beach  & music = me happy! :) 
Picnics, summer parties, hiking, just hanging around & drinking lemonade, reading a book under the tree, summer breeze, hot days, summer dresses.... seriously, what`s here not to love!? 
Anyway, I made a new label - "Bits & pieces from last week" and it will look kind of like this post (+ I did something similar before here and here) & that`s it. 
Have a great Saturday, my plan is to read, watch a movie, go running before the rain starts and maybe have a drink with friends & fall asleep early cuz I`d really need that! :) 

xoxo, Maja   

btw this song would totally go together with my formula : sun, beach, sea & music = me happy! :) 


  1. Kako je življenje včasih enostavno in čudovito...

  2. Could not agree more. Summer...the best of em all!

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