This Saturday we had an art fair (FB) in my hometown (Celje), which I was really happy about, because we don`t have much events like this (bravo girls!). I really enjoyed it, even though it was quite small. I hope that next time there will be even more artists participating, because I know quite some people that are doing amazing things and would totally fit in! I have a feeling that our lil town is finally waking up, so after they finish with renovating the city center, I hope that people will finally realize that there is more than suburban shopping malls!
Well, my Saturday was perfect! First art fair and than I met girls for a coffee "at the beach" (amazing chillout place next to a river which I mentioned already here), after that I went to say hello to Mimi cuz she was working at Vila Malina, so it was cool beacuse I did two things in one (say hello to a friend and check what`s new in the shop) and for the grand finale, we had a picnic at Iva`s place where we enjoyed the sun, lemonade and a good company.  :) 
Ah, I can just wish for more days like this. 

xo, Maja


  1. vav, krasno! in pa hvala! :)

  2. oh, same krasne & luštkane stvari!

  3. WoW! Super si! :) Hvala za tak lep post! :)

  4. Hali, Manja & Spela, bilo mi je v veselje in upam, da se kmalu spet vidimo na naslednjem cART-u! ;)

    Lp, Maja

  5. toliko barv na kupu in same lepe stvari. supr slikce, post in blogc :)


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