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I usually don`t buy things on sales, cuz I don`t really like the crowd and the rush, but lately (like the past few years) we have presales, so the sales are not that bad anymore. This year I purchased quite  few things and I`m happy that I went on a coffee that day, cuz I ended up going from store to store with my friend & in the end we had a really good day together. 
Btw I`m really sick of everyday routine, so I can`t wait for my holidays to begin, cuz I really need some relaxing time. Also my b-day is next month and I`ll spend it with my good friends that I met in Lisbon during my erasmus. We have reunions like twice a year & summer one is starting exactly on the 17th of August (my bday) ! It `s the best possible thing/gift that can happen to me & it`s already the second time in the same place with the best people! :) Of course I`m super excited! 
What about ur summer holidays? You already came back or are you still in the waiting mode? :) 

xoxo, Maja    

All stars, Zara t-shirt, H&M cosmetic bag, Promod pants


  1. Done! Follower n°39! Waiting for u <3

  2. shopping is awsome! :D you´ve bought some really great stuff :)

    1. hihi indeed! ;) I did my best to find some cool stuff.... Im definitely happy with the outcome ;)
      xo, M.

  3. mmm majčkica je božanska, le love! Drgač pa dobr nakup, men letošnje poletje še ni uspel pridt do razprodaj :/

  4. super stvari! js sploh ne vem kdaj sm bla nazadnje v šopingu -.-

  5. uh..js pa obožujem razprodaje! super stvari si nabavla. tut js hočm allstarke! =)


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