Another week has passed and yet again it`s time for sharing bits & pieces from my life. :) 
I guess it was a good week, even though It`s always possible to do better (also worse), but I think the right way is to think that you can always do better than before. At least you have a new goal in front of you, which is always good & fun. 
Today is a productive day for me, I finished reading a book (Haruki Murakami  - What I talk about when I talk about running) , than I hang out with my parents a bit, continued with writing my thesis & now I felt it`s time to make a short stop on the blog, so I`m here writing this post. :)

Anyway the photos are telling you that :
1 I went to a concert at the castle in my hometown, which I think it`s the perfect ambient for this kind of things.
2 + 3  Chilled at my friend`s place, where we were chasing her cat around all day long cuz he played hide & seek with us
4 Used the bike a lot, since my car died the other day 
5 I found this gramophone so I had to see if it`s still working....yup, it`s working. 
6 My parents playing cards.. 
7 The chillout spot under the apple tree, where I enjoy the nature.. 

Haha and I just realized there is no food in the photos & with that thought I became hungry so I`m off to the kitchen now... :D

Have a great Sunday or what`s left of it! :)
xo , Maja <3 


  1. great photos .. the cat is so cute #loveit

  2. Wow i love your photos! How amazing is the shot with the cards?
    Looks like you had a wonderful time. Happy Summer!

    1. Thx dear*
      I love the shot with the cards as well, cuz it`s telling a story without faces. I`m in love with the story telling photos :)
      It was indeed a good week, hoping for the next one to be even better!
      Ahh Summer is definitely my thing ! <3 (I`m a summer kid, what can I do?) :)
      Thanks for stopping by at my blog & taking time for commenting, I really appreciate it!
      xo, Maja

  3. Wow that castle is unbelievable!!


    1. Yeah, it truly is! I`d say it`s the best part of my hometown :)

      xo, Maja


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