Everybody are hooked on mason jars right? Or is it just me? :) 
They are a perfect storage for your homemade jam or maybe you can use them for your DIY projects and make some really cool things, which can also turn out as a perfect gift for your bff.
Anyway the other day I was browsing the web and I found the Mason Shaker & I knew I have to share it. :) 

The story goes kind of like this:
"The Mason Shaker is a unique four-piece cocktail shaker based around the iconic Mason Jar. The concept for the Mason Shaker was developed from an obsession with vintage kitchenware (Josh) and an uncanny ability to fashion impromptu drinking tools at a moment’s notice (Eric). After one too many mint juleps poured from a poorly-modified Mason Jar one summer, the idea for a better (and cooler) cocktail shaker hit us like a double shot of whiskey. The Mason Shaker was born."

The guys who designed it are Josh and Eric. Two boys living in New York who have mixed together their love of fine coctails and classic Southern style into one unique product : the Mason Shaker.
They`re asking for help in funding this Kickstarter project to produce their first batch of shakers and get them on their way to dreams of bar accessory domination.
So if you have any extra cash ( $5,000 ) and you are willing to help this guys with their business go to their website or also you can visit this page for all the info you need.

xoxo, Maja  


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