:: DIY - CANVAS ART (stamping) ::

I made a quick DIY today, cuz I really felt the need to do something. I proudly present to you my first piece of canvas art from mikstejp ! :) I hope you love it, because well....I love it! :)  If anyone loves it so much & have a desire to buy it, maybe I`ll consider it....ok, 10€ and it`s yours. :D haha, you never know, maybe some day it will be worth a lot (you know those talks, from when you are a child and you make all this plans with your friends, about all the things you`re going to do when you grow up) ?
Ah yes, I was always a dreamer and I think It will stay that way.
So, on the photo there`s also a souvenir from Stockholm (The Dala Horse) + Mini Diana that my bf gave me for my b-day (that was a nice surprise!).
So, do you like my art? :)

Have a nice "what`s left of Tuesday" and give a smile to someone!

xoxo, Maja  

For making your own canvas art you will need:
  • Canvas (any size)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Random things (I used studds)
  • Foam ( I cut triangle from foam and glued it to a wooden block to get a stamp) and for the signature I used stamps that I saw on Tamara`s blog and in the end I got them for my bday from my dear friends (thanks again) :) 


  1. luštkano! pa štampiljke s črkami!

    1. joj, veš kok so fajn! hehe, sm zdej čist navdušena nad njimi. :)


  2. Iii, si jih dobila potem!, carsko :) Ful pridni prijatelji, pa lep DIY.

    1. Ja, ful ti hvala za link! <3 Prijatelji so res pridni in hvala za pohvalo. :) *

      lp, M.

  3. Krasno je izpadlo!!!! In čudovito darilce!!!! In postavitev:)
    Pozabila sem,da si vmes praznovala.... Saj veš, HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHSDAY!!!!Naj bo tvoje življenje en sam praznik!

    1. Joj Sabina, hvala ti! <3
      Tale DIY je bil bolj tako za probo, ampak mi je ful všeč kako je izpadlo. Morem naredit par svojih stvari, da ko pride dan za selitev, imam dovolj stvari, ki bodo krasile stanovanje. :)

      + hvala za čestitke! ;)*

      Lp, M.

  4. ful lušno, pa te črkice so tud carske <3


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