So, here it is, the first set of photos. I decided that first I`ll share some architecture and the next set will be about food, details and fun. :) First I`ll introduce Ghent, than Brussels, Brugge and the seaside. I also took photos of some designer shops & some pretty shops, so that comes in a seperate post as well. 
Oh, and I have so many ideas about DIY projects and what I want to post....I don`t think there is enough time on this world to realize all the ideas in my head. :) Ok, back to the point....
Ghent is a beautiful city, not too big & not too small, with all the diversity you could wish for, lots of students and  lots of bikes! :)  The weather is not the best, but it didn`t really bother me. It`s good if you remember to take an umbrella or a raincoat, if not you just wait somewhere under a roof, maybe meet some random people and than, when the sun comes back everybody continue their own way. :) 
+ people were super nice, everybody smiling and talking to me.
So, now I can say, I`m a fan of Belgium & their chocolate! :) 

xoxo, Maja  


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    1. Ja, men je Ghent najlepše evropsko mesto (od teh kar sm jih seveda že vidla). :) Tak pravljično romantičen in ravno prav velik.

      Lp, M.

  2. krasne fotografije! v pričakovanju izčrpnih poročil o hrani, interierjih in šopingu :) oz. to je fin izgovor za kavo in 3 urni klepet! ;)

    1. Hvala mimi*
      Ej, kavica bo, mogoče sobota dopoldan? :)

  3. woow, prva slika in svetloba na njej je božanska. Pa stavbe, pa tisti napis nad trgovino ali čim. Ali pa tisti fant, ki zajtrkuje kar na okenski polici. Noro.!

    1. Hehe, me veseli, da je še nekdo tako navdušen kot jaz! :)
      Je pa res ful veliko nekih majhnih, posebnih stvari/dogodkov, ki te presenetijo na vsakem koraku.

      Lp, Maja

  4. Ful, ful fine fotke <3! Lepo si se imela :).

  5. super fotke! prou šla bi zdejle na kakšen izlet :P


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