Hey guys, I`m back! :) It was amazing (of course) and I`m sad it`s over, but the real life is calling and it`s impossible to avoid it, so the sooner I deal with it, the better it will be.
I came home yesterday and damn, the way back was exhausting! 12h of traveling looked like tram-train-bus-plane-shared rides-train-taxi (friend - thx Sanda) and I was home! Always after travels I need quite some time to put my thoughts together, cuz Im always so full of impressions and emotions. France was absolutely amazing, I had the best b-day I could imagine (big thanks to all of my friends & especially to you Pagi for being a host!). Belgium was great as well, I saw my bf after almost two months, so you can imagine I was happy + I was really surprised, because I didn`t expect that Belgium will be that cool! Gent + Brugge are great & the architecture is wonderful! Stockholm was cold, expensive but totally worth it, we just didn`t had enough time to explore everything what we wanted. Ok, and note for the boys : the girls there are really beautiful (in case you are planning your next trip and you are single)!  :)
The city has a good vibe, but the weather sux big time!
Anyway I`ll make a post for each city, I just need to arrange my photos, cuz I have too many of them!
So, here I share a few photos from my week in France, just that u will have a feeling how good it was. :)
Kisses & hugs to everyone (I`m still in a good mood)! :)

Oh, I almost forgot! While I was gone, the Wannabe Magazine published an interview about my blog. You can find it here, but it`s not in English, so you might not understand it (in that case, you can check the photos) ;) So, big thanks to Wannabe Magazine, for making my b-day even more special. 


  1. joj kok noro dobr! tale trip zveni ena sama nora uživancija! vseeno wb ! =)

  2. kok super slike, se vidi da ste uživali. hitr še druge pokaži ;) xx

  3. P.s.:nominirana si za so sweet blog award na mojem blogu ;)

  4. Po takem izletu je kar težko pristati v realnosti, a vendar... Saj zagotovo ponoviš, a ne?!:)

  5. FUUUUUUL DOBRO!! Čestitam za intervju in objavo!!! Objemi in poljubčki iz Mbja.


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