There are a few things that I really love in Autumn. Picking grapes (harvesting), going on a walks through the woods and picking chestnuts, enjoying the change of nature and all the beautiful colours that Autumn is giving us & for sure baking apple pies! :) 
Last Saturday it was a perfect sunny weather and we had a family gathering to pick the grapes around the house. We don`t have it much, but it`s enough to make a great homemade grape juice! 
On the photos there are my adorable nephews and my dad in action + a lot of grapes. :) 
I`ll be more than happy if you share your thoughts about the "magic" September with me. 
Have a wonderful Sunday! 
xo, Maja <3 

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  1. js tud obo┼żujem trgatev, pa kostanj pa sprehode pa jabol─Źne pite, mmm :P xx


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