I`ve been away for the weekend, that`s why I didn`t make any updates. Lately I barely have time for my computer, cuz there is so many things going on. The big thing I was telling you about...well, we finally found an apartment, so last week was all about the moving. There is still a lot of things that we need to take care of, but it`s already live-able (if I may use that expression). :) 
For the weekend I did an express choice and went to Italy with my friends. We enjoyed Gardaland + Garda Lake, which was perfect for relaxing and now I`m back on track with work and work. : ) 
Tomorrow I`ll check out what`s going on at Fashion week (pretty excited about that) & now I`m off to get some very much needed exercise. 


This are random photos from last week We went to Cuban night, found and roast some chestnuts, organised the new closet & enjoyed some good Belgium chocolate. 

One bear hug to all of you, have a great evening! 
xo, Maja <3


  1. tistle kostanj bi tko jedla zdejle, mmm! uživaj na fw! :)

    1. Maruša, a veš da sem kr zbolela, tko da nc FW zame :(
      p.s. hitro v gozd nabrat kostanje! ;) xx

  2. Pa kje si dobila kostanje? Pri nas jih ni:-(

    1. Te sva nabrala že prejšnji vikend, sva morala biti kar vztrajna, ker jih je ful manj kot prejšnje leto ali pa sva bila malce prezgodnja. Bomo vidli, kaj bo ta vikend prinesel. :)


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