:: TOP SIX THIS WEEK + /music bonus/ ::

It`s not usual that I post things about fashion or what I like about it, but it`s never too late to change that right? :) I just picked some of my favourite looks/details that I found lately (tumblr + pinterest) and made this quick double collages (or whatever photo+photo are called). : )
Since it`s Friday and I can`t go out, I`m enjoying my time with the computer, tea and cookies. What a crazy life huh? :) 
Anyway, I really love patterns + navy + black + leather + studs + red + white. This photos below are a perfect example of what I`d wear or what I already have. :)
It`s not cuz it`s trendy, I always loved studs & I always loved black. I`m a big fan of patterns, red is my colour since ever and white, well that`s the basic. :) 
Ah,I should tell you that I also have this other personality that is totally obsessed with colours and when that happens, I go wild. That`s it...for now. :)

yeeeez i love The XX + I love Florence and The Machine, so I couldn`t resit to post this song! :)
hihi /me in the party mood, need to do smth about that next weekend!
Have a great (cozy/party/crazy) weekend!
love ya all  xx


  1. kok kul inspiracija! čis use mi je ušeč, skor tko k da bi pogledou moj tumblr :P pa super komad <3

    1. Maruša, sej to sem vse pobrala s svojega tumblrja, tak da sigurno smo si kej reblogal. ;)

      Lp, Maja x

  2. Všeč so mi outfiti. Tiste rdeče hlače bi pa kar imela (:

  3. Wow koliko inspiracije v enem postu.. tudi meni je cisto vse vsec, sploh ti oversize puloverji.. :)


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